I enjoyed the Ep but was left feeling rather disappointed if I’m honest, I can’t say Jay Ryan wasn’t outstanding in his performance because he was yet again the character that stole the episode, Vincent was heartbroken but he was still protecting the woman he loves by staying back and letting Cat…

I agree with you 100%. It was hard too see Vincent walking away at the end …. Doing the right thing! I hope next ep Will be heading to a vincat reconciliation we all hope for!



Okay the reason a destined couple would have to break up is because of outside forces and/or internal conflict. You can’t deny as they were Vincent and Catherine’s relationship was toxic. It was clear they were just butting heads and hurting each other. [and it was hurtful for me to watch] They both were in a wreck and they both need to fix themselves and find out who they are on their own. This break up was NEEDED. And the good thing and the bright side of this is that when they finally come back together they will be even more intense and stronger.

Catherine really needs to stand on her own. Before she even found him she sacrificed so much. There was even a point in searching for Vincent she wasn’t eating. And she ignored family problems, even her sister. Then it became her constantly worrying about a man who wouldn’t care for himself. Or really care about THEM together. She covered for him and sacrificed a LOT [like her career] to help protect him, while he didn’t do anything for himself. Luckily she had people covering for her at work. She even made excuses for him as well. And not only that…but she ignored personal things for him too. Why does she have to be the one pouring in all the effort…she shouldn’t be the only one. So she needs to be on her own. Spreading her wings and finding out WHO SHE IS on her own. And she will stand on her own and be strong! And I’m happy for her. *roots for her*

Vincent..is just in a really dark place. Not only was his memory wiped but he was trained as an assassin. Then this woman comes and says they are destined and believes her cause he feels this pull to her. But pssh the mission comes first. Then he reaches a stage where he doesn’t know who to trust, finding out the final target is himself. [And his handler the only one he supposedly could trust is behind it, but why the fuck would you trust a digitized voice bleh] And got to keep in mind, Vincent has been used by a lot of people, and basically gets used by Reynolds. And a wronged assassin is going to take justice in his own hands. Jeez just Vincent is in a dark place man, closer to his dark side. He not only needs to find out WHO HE IS on his own..but just finding himself.

They were just a mess together so in turn its better that they are on their own. Gotta look on the bright side *whistles*

Very well sad!!!